How to open a hole in the slab

How to open a hole in the slab In this occasion we're going to see how and where it's better to open a hole in the slab You might think that this is a manual to do it yourself, but it is not like that. We are not so bold and we would not encourage anyone in realizing similar work without haing minimal knowledge about structures and construction.

Here we will only establish some guidlines and advice so that you can, before contacting with a professional, know more or less what it is that you can do in your house or building. We would like to insist in that the only possible way is to hire an architect so that he can advice about the work. Do not blindly trust what any person might advice counsel, because you can commit a big mistake, and these kind of things delve with the security of people.

How and where to open a holw in the slab.

How to open a hole in the slab

1-The first thing is knowing what kind of slab you are working with. Concrete slab with joists and floor arch, slab, slabs of wooden joists, etc...

2-If it is a slab, things will get easy, beacuse we have more fexibility when we have to choose a place where to open the hole.

3-If it is a beam and pot floor, that is to say, a slab formed by joists and floor arches (of concrete or of wood), we'll have to study well were to open the hole.

Where to open a hole in a beam and pot floor. How to open a hole in the slab

How to open a hole in the slab 1-It is most probable that the reason you need to make a hole is because you will be placing a staircase. The first thing we have to know is that a staircase has a minimal width of 80cm. In this case, it is very probable that we'll have to remove a joist. The distance in between joists is usually 60cm, 70 or even 80cm. So if we break a joist we'll have: 60cm of floor arch +10cm of joist +60cm of joist. In total we'll have a holw of 1,30meters in width (to which we will subtract 15 cm of cover for the hole's topp off). In conclusion: 1.15meters for our hole.

2-With 1.15 meters we'll have a very big hole for a one stone staricase of 80cm in width and too small for a two stone stairacse (80cm+80cm+20). The solution is a question of design. From an economical standpoint it would be better to open a hole breaking two joists  (for a two stone staircase), this way we'll just have to top off the permieter of the holw and not and not bracing longitudinally, but this is your decision. If you design a two stone staircase you will need 180cm of width, which means breaking two joists.

3-We have resolved the length of the staircase. As you can see, we have searched to open a hole in the directionm of the joists to avoid breaking more unnecesary structures. ¿What happens in the other direction? In the other direction we'll obligatorily have to strapped, that is to say bind the joists that we've broken . It;s possible that this will force us to place a vertical support for backup.

In conclusion: now you can design where and what form your hole will have, now you just have to contact a professional so he can calculate the backup and confirm if your idea is valid and can be carried out.

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How to open a hole in the slab

How to open a hole in the slab