How to fix the tile joints

How to fix tile joints. A lot of us have found the hard chore of having to clean the tile joints in kitchens or bathrooms.

It does not result simple, because we run the risk of undoing the joint and end up creating a small hole that results to be very annoying to our sight.

How to fix tile joints when they are deteriorated

How to fix tile joints when they are deteriorated

We advise you to occasionally grout these joints again with spacial pastes, because the cleaning process sooner or later ends up eliminating the remains of the paste.

How to clean and fix tile joints:

Advise to clean tile joints:

-Dont use sandpaper or metallic sponges, this is the quickest way of cleaning joints, but it is also the easiest way of scrathcing and eliminating the tile enamel.

-If the joints are not very dirty, the best thing is to use a piece of cloth with soap and a little bit of water. If you do that with frequency, the joint will be able to maintain a good state during many years.

-Do not seal the joint with silicone. Even if it looks easier to clean that way, silicone impedes the transpiration of the tile, this can cause, in determined circumstances, condensation problems between the tiles and the support.

How to fix tile joints when they are deteriorated

Advice to replenish and repair the tile joints.

-If the dirt has incrusted in the joint, the best way to procede is to repare the joint eliminating all of the paste and groating the tile once again.

-Use a thin punch or a flat tip screwdriver to remove all the remains of the paste.

-Once the whole surface is clean, there are two options:

Groat all of the surface with the help of a trowel and afterwards clean the leftover with moist cloth.

The second option is to seal the joints bit by bit with the help of a small spatula or your finger. Once dry, you must clean the leftover with a moist cloth. The second way is cleaner but slower than the first, also it supposes a savings in material, and for those that are not experts, can result simpler than the traditional grouting of joints.

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