Wood pavements for exterior terraces

May 02, 2014

Wood pavement for exterior terraces, platforms for exterior

Wood pavements for exterior terraces. The wood pavements have always been a very interesting resource for the soils in external zones.

The wood is a very versatile material and is easly manipulated. There exists a great variety of types of wood depending on the nature, the composition, the toughness, the resistance, and the way it is placed, etc.

Wood pavement for exterior terraces, platforms for exterior

The most used wood for exterior pavements is the platform. The platform is not a type of wood, it is a way of placing the wood. This kind of pavement consists of placing sheets of wood in a rectangular form placed over rastreles, and it is what is called a floating platform.

Wood pavement for exterior terraces, platforms for exterior

La floating platform is for exterior floors and it permits us to have flat soils and form the slopes in the base of the support, in a way that the pavement is totally flat.

Wood pavement for exterior terraces, platforms for exterior

Advice on placing wood pavements on exterior terraces.

  1. The wood is a material with very high themic diffusivity, this makes it slow to heat up. This particularity makes it ideal for places that will be transited by people on barefoot, for example the enviroment of a pool, this way the people will not feel the elevated temperatures when the contact the platform, even if the solar radiation is high.
  2. Wood pavements for exteriors must be duly treated with products that protect them from the inclemencies of time. Likewise the must be treated to avoid bacterial life, microorganisms, and insects like termites or woodworms.
  3. Platform wood pavements on terraces allow us to have a flat soil in a first level and configure slopes in the inferior support. For this we place the boards of wood separated ones from the others, in a way that the water can filter between them.
  4. Any type of wood is valid for wood pavements on terraces, in any case, it's advisable to use native wood, beacuse this guarantees that this wood will adapt perfectly to the environment that surrounds it. It's very important to pay special care to the countries' native woods, in tropical countries like the Asian jungles or the tropical zone of brazil, because the moisture conditions in the region of origin of the wood may be very different from the conditions that it will receive in its final location.

Pavimentos de madera para terrazas exteriores

There also exist other types of wood that are used in the pavements of terraces or in gardening and landscaping, for example, now a day the wood from railroad crossings is used very much.

Finally, the wood pavement of exterior terraces are a perfect solution both for the functionality and for the completion that they offer.

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