Furniture made using recycled tires

Mar 02, 2014

Furniture made using recycled tires

Recycling Tires. The vehicle tires are a problem from the recycling standpoint, due to the elevated cost of the reutilization of these in other kinds of objects.

Furniture made using recycled tires

In the United States of America there are 300 million tires that are disposed of every year, from which only a 25% is recycled, generally to be used as another tire.

Furniture made using recycled tires

At the moment there are many alternatives that can respond to this problem. the tires can be used for the paveing of the roads or to fabricate construction materials with peculiar characteristics, for example bloques to used to contain land, etc. The process of fabrication consists of compressing from 20 to 40 tires and mix them with concrete. Reed more here.

Furniture made using recycled tires

In this brief article we show some examples about how to use tires in another way. A simple use, which even you can be encouraged to design your own furniture using materiels based on tires.

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